Return Policy

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Return Policy 

Welcome to Flower and Cake Shop; your one point destination for getting qualitative personalized gift items at affordable prices. 

If you are looking for buying personalized gift items of high quality at affordable prices then you need not look any further. Flower and Cake Shop is the ideal online shop that offers the best at the cheapest.

It is not only the combination of quality and affordability but also reliability that we provide

It is not only the combination of quality and affordability that makes us the industry leader in the field of gift items of all types. Instead; it is the reliability and our comprehensive return policy based on the principles of two days after receiving products that makes us the most preferred personalized gift shop online not only in India but one of the best in the world.

Avail benefits of our two days after receiving products return policy

As the end buyer of personalized gifts online one of the major concerns for you would be the possibility of getting inferior quality or damaged items or not getting the desired item from the store. You will have peace of mind learning that our return policy that is based on two days after receiving products principles enables you to claim refunds of money or replacement of items easily. The only requirement for you is to stake your claims within two days of the delivery of the products ordered.

You will remain assured of getting the best returns on the investments you have made on the purchase of personalized gifts when you make such purchase from Flower and Cake Shop.